A Wooden pellet aka sawdust granula is a pure natural fuel. Pellets are produced from sawdust, wood splinters and similar residues from lumber industry, which are compressed under high pressure to pellets without using adhesives besides the natural compound lignin, already present in natural timber. Pellets are manufactured with diameters ranging from 6 to 12 centimeters.

Lumber is a valuable and renewable resource, which is created by sunlight and chloroplasts from water, carbon dioxide and minerals. The carbon dioxide produced from burning pellets is in balance with the carbon dioxide consumed by trees and it does not increase the green-house effect which is inevitable when using fossil fuels.

Using wooden pellets as a resource is not only eco-friendly, but also considerably reduces the price of heating.

Advantages of pellet heating:

  • A clean burning process
  • Effortless and compact fuel storage
  • Flexible logistics
  • Inexpensive investment and brief pay back time
  • Small electric bills
  • Stable price independent of fossil fuels
  • Autonomity and user-friendlyness