PV 350b4

PV350b is available to order

For some time now, we have been improving the current PV 350a burner to bring it to the same family with 700 and 1000 kW burners. We are happy to report that we have completed the PV 350b development.
So what will be different?
PV 350b will have the same controller used on PV 700a and PV 1000a. This gives the PV 350b the same configuration opportunities. The space inside the electrical box of the PV 350b is bigger and helps to attach more components. For example we can now offer two 3 phase external augers with two 3 phase ash motors inside one machine.
The plate that is holding the controller will be able to move up without the need to unscrew bolts. This makes accessing relays and other switches easier, thereof helps to save time on maintenance procedures.
The underpressure sensor will be on the main controller. It means that there is no need for the SEB extension board and gives space for the network adapter that is available very shortly.
The mechanical parts are all the same like on the current model.
From this time PV 350a is no longer available as a new burner. It is replaced by PV 350b burner.