PV180 Võrdlus5

PV 100b/180b are upgraded to PV 100c/180c!

Since  May, 1-st we will start to sell our new upgraded 100 and 180 kW burners. The main improvement in the burners is new type of burning chamber, where existing “Lip” type is replaced with “open end” type burning chamber.  This improvement gives us many benefits in burning quality and enables to burn lower quality pellets with up to 3% of ash without a problem.

  • Easier ash removal from burner to boiler- ash is pushed directly over the end of burning chamber into the boiler
  • As ash will not collect under the burning chamber, there is much better cooling ventilation
  • new shapes of combustion grates assure better burning quality
  • upgraded cleaning system and improved combustion air supply enable to burn industrial (EN-B) pellets with ash content up to 3%
  • upgraded burning chamber fits also with PV100b/180b models and exactly the same side and arc bricks are used as previously