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PELLTECH PELLET BOILERS EVERCLEAN PK30, PK50, PK100 (new!) and PK160 (new!):

Pellet boilers Everclean (30, 50, 100 and 160 kW) are a highly efficient 2-pass boilers for combustion of wood pellets. Those can be used for heating of single or semi-detached houses or smaller public buildings. Everclean boilers are designed specially to work together with Pelltech PV-series pellet burners.

Such combination and integration ensures perfect and efficient combustion of pellets and helps to save heating costs.

All boilers have self-cleaning system that enables simple and periodical cleaning of heat exchangers tubes. Burner’s controller controls frequency of cleaning cycles according to parameters set up. Self- cleaning system delivers collected ash to capacious ash box of boiler.

For filling, emptying and connecting with heating system the boiler has 2 connection fittings with 1’’ internal thread on back side of boiler and 2 connection fittings with 1’’ external thread on up side of boiler in distance 125mm. The flue gas fan that adjusts boiler’s draft is integrated to boilers outgoing smoke tube. The direction of fan smoke tube outlet is possible to change from horizontal to vertical by using intermediate flange. Burner’s controller controls the speed of flue gas fan according to under-pressure in burners burning chamber or selected power level.

Boilers have temperature and pressure gauges.
Safety devices that the boiler includes:

  • safety valve (overpressure relief valve)
  • door switch
  • safety thermostat

Safety valve applies when pressure in boiler exceeds 2,5 bar.
Door switch does not enable to start burner when boiler’s door is open. If boiler door will be opened during burning status, the door switch interrupts burners work and burner goes to end burning state. By closing the door burner continues normal burning cycle.
Safety thermostat interrupts boilers work when its temperature rises over 95oC. Safety thermostat has to be reset manually.

Pellet boiler Everclean Unit PK30 PK50 PK100 PK160
Rated thermal output kW 28 47 95 150
Rated thermal load kW 30 50 100 160
Boiler class according to EN 303-5 5
Minimal returnig water temp. oC 55
Recommended heating water temperature oC 75
Highest working tempetature oC 90
Safety thermostat’s applying temperature oC 95
Permissible operative pressure bar 2,5
Test pressure bar 4
Boiler’s water volume liter 125 150 275 300
Boiler’s weight kg 196 313 495 620
Dimensions WxDxH mm 600x600x1510 600x800x1510 785x995x1524 785x1175x1592
In-take width (w.o side panels) mm 500 500 685 685
Combustion chamber’s dimensions WxDxH mm 330x400x700 330x600x700 430x840x710 430x969x710
Mains supply 230V, 50Hz
Electrical consumption at ignition W 500
Electrical consumption at working W 50 50 70 200
Electrical consumption at stand by W 3 3 3 3
Combustion air inlet hatch cm2 >200 >300 >600 >900
Ash box volume l 38 54 97 115
Burner’s fixing flange mm 90 90 130 130
Number of turbulators pcs 4 7 14 22
Flue gas outlet Ø mm 112 112 150 150
Chimney’s diameter mm >100 >120 >150 >180
Boiler top connections pcs 2xG1’’ 2xG1’’ 2xG1,5 2xG2’’
Distance between top connections mm 125 125 560 758
Boiler back connections pcs 2xRp1’’ 2xRp1’’ 2xRp1,5’’ 2xRp2’’
Required safety valve connection pcs 1xDN20 1xDN20 1xDN25 1xDN32
Electrical heating element* (option) kW 6 9
Flue gas temperature at rated output oC 150…180
Efficiency at boiler’s temperature 70 oC % 94