Pellet containers

MAFA Micro

MAFA Mini and Midi are neat, durable and practical containers for the storage of fuel pellets.
They are designed for indoor use and intended for consumers that use loose or bagged pellets.
Micro, Mini and Midi are manufactured in durable galvanized plate and are provided with a 45° cone which ensures efficient and complete emptying of the container without any sawdust collecting on the bottom.
Standard features include an internal grid that functions both as protection and support when filling with bagged pellets. A 100mm rotatable auger inlet is easily adjusted to fit the different types of fuel pellet augers available in today’s market.
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Container MAFA Micro MAFA Mini MAFA Midi
Height, mm 1250 1230 1422
Length, incl legs, mm 430 650 1000
Width, incl legs, mm 430 650 1000
Volume, litre 127 300 730
Weight, kg 22 34 65