Internet module

We have finished our long term testing of internet module and now it is possible to manage our burners also from internet! You can follow up the burner, update the software or change parameters on your laptop or mobile phone wherever you are! As a reseller or installer it is so much easier for you now to give a technical support to your customers. Online you can see burners work statistic of the last 30 days. Everything what is in burner´s info menu, is visible online, mainly in a graphic form.



To satisfy the demand for a burner with a capacity between our smaller and industrial burners, a new model PV250 with a maximum power output of 250 kW has been developed. With simple design and emphasis on accessibility, all electrical components along with the wiring are installed on one main panel. The electrical configuration and connectors are the same in every burner, thus giving you the chance to have it in stock as a ready to sell product.


New boilers – 100 kW and 160 kW!

Our Everclean boiler family has 2 new members ready for orders. Besides already proven models PK30 and PK50 we have developed also two bigger models: PK100 and PK160, which have perfect match with PV 100c and PV 180c burners. PK100 and PK160 boilers will have our new “Smart house” controller integrated, which controls 2 weather compensated hydronic circuit actuators and pumps, has input for up to 7 temperature sensors, O2 sensor, ultrasonic level sensor for pellet silo, internet module and two programmable relay outputs.

We are closed from 4th to 17th of July 2016

Pelltech summerholidays We will close the factory and office for summer holidays from 04th of July until 17th of July. Please notice that also 23rd and 24th of June are holidays in Estonia, so we will not be working on these days. Be sure you have enough Pelltech products in your stock for this time and send us your orders latest on June 28, so that we could send it out before the holiday.

PV180 Võrdlus5

PV 100b/180b are upgraded to PV 100c/180c!

Since  May, 1-st we will start to sell our new upgraded 100 and 180 kW burners. The main improvement in the burners is new type of burning chamber, where existing “Lip” type is replaced with “open end” type burning chamber.  This improvement gives us many benefits in burning quality and enables to burn lower quality pellets with up to 3% of ash without a problem.

PV 350b4

PV350b is available to order

For some time now, we have been improving the current PV 350a burner to bring it to the same family with 700 and 1000 kW burners. We are happy to report that we have completed the PV 350b development. So what will be different? PV 350b will have the same controller used on PV 700a and PV 1000a.