New software for PV20a/b, PV30a/b, PV50b, PV100a/b/c, PV180a/b/c, PV250, PV350a, PV500

Since 18-th of July 2016 above-mentioned Pelltech burners will be sent out from the factory with new software. Software version for PV20, PV30, PV100, PV180, PV250, PV350a and PV500 burners will be 3.91.18 and for PV50b 4.91.18. New software is suitable also for already installed burners.

There is new “Software & PH manual for PV20…500 burners” in our ftp server for you to download, where all details are clearly explained. Most important changes in the software are:
• New error codes which describe more precisely content of failure
• There are 7 new parameters that help to improve burners’ functionality more over (PAR nr 44, 51, 64, 81,82, 84 and 85)
• There are more technical indicators displayed in burner’s info menu.
• New software enables to control, follow up and upgrade the software of the burner over the Internet