To satisfy the demand for a burner with a capacity between our smaller and industrial burners, a new model PV250 with a maximum power output of 250 kW has been developed.

With simple design and emphasis on accessibility, all electrical components along with the wiring are installed on one main panel. The electrical configuration and connectors are the same in every burner, thus giving you the chance to have it in stock as a ready to sell product.

An innovative, never before seen V-shaped burning chamber which directs airflow under the grates more evenly prolongs maintenance intervals. Burning chamber heat shields and grates are easily removable and replaceable. The main panel dismantles with ease allowing for quick access to the motors and fans inside the burner. The mentioned solutions help to keep maintenance as short as possible.

The burning chamber of PV250 has durable ceramic tiles as do all our burners with a capacity over 100kW, but the side- and arc segments of this particular model have been moulded into one piece. The unified design lowers emissions by distributing air more evenly. PV250 is also the first burner to be shipped with a ceramic ignitor, which shortens ignition times and has a longer lifespan itself.

An internet module for remotely controlling and observing the burner is included in the standard package. The burner is lambda probe ready.

PV250 is here for you to make the step to industrial burners as gradual and as cost-efficient as possible.