Internet module

We have finished our long term testing of internet module and now it is possible to manage our burners also from internet! You can follow up the burner, update the software or change parameters on your laptop or mobile phone wherever you are!
As a reseller or installer it is so much easier for you now to give a technical support to your customers. Online you can see burners work statistic of the last 30 days. Everything what is in burner´s info menu, is visible online, mainly in a graphic form.
Internet module is identical for all our burners. Those connect to the internet using CAT5 internet cable, if there is no regular cable internet line on the site, a 3G modem can be used and connected to the module via CAT5 cable.
For all industrial burners (250 kW and up), internet module is a standard device (included in the price), for domestic burners it is needed to buy as an accessory. For a small price you can have faster solutions and comfortable communication with the burner . Our technical staff here can also see all the burners online and help you to get answers easily.
Internet module is supported by software starting from versions 3.91.xx (small burners), 4.91.xx (PV 50b) and 2.9.xx (industrial burners) and all later versions. In case the software in the burner is older, first you need to update the software and then you can connect internet module.