Greenhouse heating in Slovenia, 700 kW

With big open indoor spaces like greenhouses that have small or no insulation comes a big heating challenge. When the sun is not out or the outside temperature is under  15°C, extra heating is required.

With our Slovenian partner “Pilremag d.o.o.”, we have installed a 700kW burner to heat almost 5000 square meters of greenhouse area. Previous heating was done by oil burner but due to high fuel costs the burner was replaced. Boiler remained the same. The heating is done not by water to air heating blowers but by network of hot water pipes that radiate heat. The network of pipes is about 30 km long and there are series of pumps and valves that control the continuous flow of water.

In this project also our ash cyclone is installed to reduce the emission of large ash particles. The cleaning of the boiler, burner and cyclone is done regularly depending on the season and need on heat.

Burner Boiler
Type PV 700a LOOS UT 1000 (oil boiler)
Power 700 kW 1000 kW
Working power level limited on 600 kW
Working cycle from 24 h 12-16 h
Sensor type 0-10V Temperature sensor Various temperature sensors
Water capacity none 1080 l
Installed in 2015 2015 (built in 2002)