Pelltech OÜ is a company specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of pellet burners and boilers. Founded in 2006 by two pioneers, Aavo Isak and Priit Kotli, Pelltech has grown to become the largest and most trusted firm in the Baltic countries in the domain of pellet burning equipment and renewable energy. Our assembly line, engineering department and administrative affices, staffed by 25 employees, are conveniently situated near Tallinn Airport.

All Pelltech products are designed with easy of use as a priority. This means that our burners are compatible with a wide variety of your existing oil or wood boilers, steam generators, dryers, evaporators etc. Installation and setup of Pelltech burners is simple and straightforward. Once up and running our burners require low maintenance thanks to fully automated control system. Pelltech is driven by the ambition to continuously improve already released products as well as invest in development of new burners and boilers. At Pelltech we aim to thrive in the increasingly growing renewable energy market by offering the best solutions for our clients.

How did all this start?
Mr. Isak started selling Swedish pellet burners as a retailer in 1999 and Mr. Kotli was his first customer.
A vendor-client relationship quickly evolved into a partnership between two men to bring pellet burners to Estonia. Their first project was a pelletizing plant in Tallinn, which created wooden pellets from scrap wood. Everything it initially produced was sold domestically, as was its main purpose – propagate the use of pellets in Estonia.
By getting acquaintanced with the Swedish burner, Aavo and Priit discovered more and more aspects which needed improving, to the extent of them deciding on creating their own pellet burner.
The prototype phase took numerous nights in basements to finally complete. The first burner was ready in 2005 and sold under the name of another company. The booming construction business eased entering into the competetive energy market and so Pelltech OÜ was registered on June 2 2006.
The first models were 20 kW and 30 kW burners. The company recieved custom orders for burners we had not yet developed. As time passed, 50 kW, 100 kW burners were engineered, followed by bigger, industrial 350-1000 kW burners. Our first distributing partner was in Latvia with Lithuanian, Spanish, Romanian and Greek partners coming right after.
Currently, we have burners heating in most European countries and strong ties with partners across the globe.

What will we do next?
Pelltech OÜ continues to invest in product development in order to expand the product catalogue and improve user experience. Our engineering department has grown in size, which yields for more products with new features in the future. Graphic web interface for monitoring and controlling pellet burners remotely is just one of the examples that will be implemented in the near future. Next to this, Pelltech is actively advancing the pellet boiler series, that are specifically developed for our burners.

Today we offer a family of Everclean boilers covering inputs from 20 – 160 kW. 1 MW pellet boiler is currently in development, next to our new concept for 3-15 kW compact unit with built in burner designed for passive and near-zero energy houses.