• Interface: the burner gives clear information about the current state and shows setup parameters on the display
  • Automatic ash removal periodically cleans the burning chamber
  • Hold flame option enables a faster startup
  • Fuel amount counter: counts the total amount of fuel burned with this burner and shows the fuel amount burned in certain time period.
  • A boiler temperature sensor can be installed for the continuous operation of the burner
  • GSM modem notifies about errors and working conditions via SMS
Protection against back-burning:
  • Backup battery insures the completion of the burning cycle to avoid back-burning
  • Periodic work of internal auger in standby mode and in error condition
  • Flame retardant melting hose
  • Underpressure sensor controls the pressure in combustion chamber and locks out the burner in case of draught dismiss.
  • Water sprinkler system with a pressurized water tank and self-opening valves

ProductPV 1000a
Fuelwood pellets 8..10mm,
ash content < 0,7%
– Maxium fuel consumption215 kg/h
Power output
– burning at maximum1000 kW
– burning at minimum250 kW
– heat up70 kW
Boiler requirements
– Minimum diameter of furnace800 mm
– Minimum length of furnace2500 mm
– Maximum amount (at 200°C)2500 m3/h
– Optimal 02 concentration3-6 %
– Required chimney diameter *2350 mm
– Furnace underpressure min/optimal/max3/10/30 Pa
Electrical power consumption *3
– power supply230/240V, 50/60Hz,16A
– burning at maximum700 W
– burning at minimum250 W
– igniting2100 W
– standby20 W
– overall (L/W/H)1306/800/621 mm
– pellet inlet diameter76 mm
– burner body dimensions (L1/W1/H1)624/706/621 mm
– burning chamber dimensions (L2/W2/H2)682/614/545 mm
– burner weight (with package)230 (280) kg