PV 350b

Pelltech industrial burners serve as an effective and inexpensive solution to use in different heat demanding systems like oil and wood boilers, steam production and generation, hot air dryers, evaporators etc. Fully automated burner with integrated control system allows fast installation and easy start-up of the system. Automatic cleaning system with mechanically moving grates holds the burning chamber clean and burning conditions stable during long working periods. To cope with high temperatures all our industrial burners have burning chamber made from thermal shock resistant ceramic tiles. Among many safety devices there is backup battery and sprinkler/powder system. All industrial burners are equipped with internet module which enables to upgrade the software, control and follow up the burner over the Internet.  

If you choose your pellet burner, we recommend you to keep in mind:
  • Our burners are not ment to work on full power continously, if the system requires constant work then burners operating power should be 80% from the maximum power.
  • In case you use a pellet burner with an oil boiler, boilers maximum power should be about twice as much as the burners power.
ProductPV 350b
Fuelwood pellets 8..10mm,
ash content < 0,7%
– Maxium fuel consumption75 kg/h
Power output
– burning at maximum350 kW
– burning at minimum100 kW
– heat up30 kW
Boiler requirements
– Minimum diameter of furnace600 mm
– Minimum length of furnace1700 mm
– Maximum amount (at 200°C)900 m3/h
– Optimal 02 concentration4-6 %
– Required chimney diameter *2200 mm
– Furnace underpressure min/optimal/max5/10/30 Pa
Electrical power consumption *3
– power supply230/240V, 50/60Hz,16A
– burning at maximum450 W
– burning at minimum150 W
– igniting1100 W
– standby20 W
– overall (L/W/H)942/500/392 mm
– pellet inlet diameter76 mm
– burner body dimensions (L1/W1/H1)438/500/392 mm
– burning chamber dimensions (L2/W2/H2)496/363/349 mm
– burner weight (with package)95 (125) kg