PV 250

The new PV 250 burner is perfect to use with medium power systems from 70 kW with peak of 250kW. Like all industrial burners, PV 250 has mechanical grate cleaning system. This ensures perfect burning quality and a long service interval. The burner has a very compact design with all the components easy to maintain. Burners unique electrical ignition, automatic output level choice and informative display make using this burner easy and comfortable all year round.

Capacity: up to 250 kW
power levels: 6 (11)
Fuel: Wood pellets 6-8 mm, with ash content up to 3%
Ignition: Electrical ceramic ignitor, 250W
Power supply: 230V, 50 Hz, 10A
Ash removal: Automatic
Noice level: 63 dB
O: 5-8%
CO: 50-150 ppm
Flue gas fan: up to 0,75 kW, 230V