PV 20b & PV 30b

The fully automated pellet burners PV20b and PV30b are designed to heat small and medium-sized residential and public buildings. For attaching pellet burner to a boiler’s door an ordinary oil burner flange is used. That makes replacing of the oil or gas burner with more modern and environment-friendly pellet burner fast and effortless. Pneumatic cleaning, electrical ignition and automatic power level selection make using of burner easy and comfortable. With its excellent burning quality, high efficiency and multiple safety features the burner complies with all European standards. The burner has pneumatic self-cleaning system and needs maintenance once a month, depending on fuel quality. Self-cleaning system enables to use lower quality pellets.

Burning quality
  • Electrical ignition of pellets is fast,efficient and with less fumes
  • Precise dosing of fuel to burning chamber by internal feeder
  • Optimal primary and secondary air distribution in all power levels
  • Automatic power level selection according to real warm consumption
  • Hot burning chamber assures efficient burning and small emission
  • Boiler’s flue gas fan control according to selected power level
  • Fast adjustment of dosing the pellets with different weight
  • Safety- and internal thermostats switch burner off when overheated or back-burning
  • Melting hose interrupts when back-burning and avoids entrance of flame into fuel container
  • Backup battery assures safety ending of burning procedure during black out
  • Error relay switches on or off any external device connected in case of burner’s error
  • Option to install SMS modem for receiving error messages
User friendliness
  • Pneumatic self-cleaning system keeps burners burning chamber free of ash and non-burning residues, thereof reduces number of cleanings needed
  • User interface gives precise overview of burner’s statuses, set up parameters and most important technical indicators
  • Compatibility with oil and gas boiler mounting and electrical connection
  • Compact and nice design
ProductPV 20bPV 30b
Capacity12-20 kW
(6 power levels)
14-30 kW
(6 power levels)
FuelWooden pellets 6-8mm diam.
IgnitionElectrical 500W
Input power230V, 3A
Average power consumption25-40 W
Standby power consumption3W
Ash removalManual
Noise level58 dB
CO concentration< 100 ppm
Length540 mm570 mm
Width220 mm230 mm
Height240 mm240 mm
Weight11.5 kg12.5 kg