PV 100c/ PV 180c

Fully automated pellet burner PV100c and PV 180c is designed not only for heating of smaller industrial and public buildings, but those are also compatible with steam boilers, bakery ovens, driers and other similar systems which require advanced and cost-effective heating solutions. Burner is fixed to boiler’s door with ordinary 130mm oil burner’s flange. It allows oil burner’s fast and simple replacement with modern and environment friendly pellet burner. Burner’s unique electrical ignition, informative display and automatic output power level selection make using this burner easy and comfortable all year­ round. With its excellent burning quality, high efficiency and multiple safety features the burner complies with all European standards. Automatic ash removing system minimizes the time needed for burner maintenance and allows to use pellets with higher ash content.

  • Single-point ignition consentrates all ignition energy to one point for fast and fumeless ignition
  • Dosing with internal feeder auger ensures smooth fuel transportation into the burning chamber and thereof also stable burning process
  • Fan speed control regulates and measures fan rotations in order to assure exact air distribution in different power levels
  • IPM (Intelligent Power Modulation) works by boiler thermostat or by external temperature sensor and selects automatically a suitable output power level according to real heat consumption
  • Thermal shock resistant ceramic bricks and their heat up process assure burning chambers long lifetime, low emissions, complete burning and high efficiency
  • Low power consumption helps to save running costs
  • Burning efficiency up to 99% helps to save heating costs
  • Hold flame option gives a possibility to hold pilot flame in burning chamber and saves time and energy by avoiding frequent ignitions
  • Integrated draft control system holds stable under-pressure in burning chamber and regulates flue gas fan. This improves burning quality and helps to save heating costs
  • Safety thermostat switches burner off when burner gets overheated
  • Melting hose interrupts pellets feeding and avoids thus flame distribution into container
  • Periodic work of internal feeder in waiting mode ensures emptying of the feeders tube from pellets and cleans tube from non-burned residues
  • Backup battery ensures that in case of power interruption the burner ends the burning process safely
  • Draft control will block the burner in case of overpressure in burning chamber
  • Error output relay switches on/off any external device connected to burner in case of burner’s fault
User friendliness
  • User interface gives clear information about the actual status and displays set up parameters, burners info and current status
  • Compatibility with oil boilers: the burners are compatible with oil or gas boilers by mounting and by electrical connection
  • Fuel level control holds necessary fuel amount in the burner and on the right moment fill automatically the external auger
  • Automatic ash removal system with mechanically moving grates cleans periodically burning chamber
  • Fuel consumption counter shows the amount of fuel burned in total and also in certain time period
  • Possibility to connect external temperature sensor of boiler and GSM modem to burner
ProductPV 100c/180c
Capacity50-100 kW /80-180 kW
Power supply230 V, 50 Hz, 3A
Power consumption
– average30-80W / 40-110W
– stand-by3W
IgnitionElectrical 500W
Ash removalAutomatic
Flue gas fan connectionmax 180W
Auger connectionmax 180W
Noise level58 dB
Dimensions for PV 100c
– L/W/H760/300/285 mm
– weight38 kg
Burning chamber L/W/H345/230/222 mm
Dimensions for PV 180c
– L/W/H760/310/285 mm
– weight44 kg
Burning chamber L/W/H345/310/222 mm