What do we do?

Our primary goal is the constant refinement of our merchandise, which mainly includes pellet burners spanning from 20 kW to 1000 kW and a new product line of pellet boilers uncovered in Autumn 2014. Over 7000 Pelltech burners are currently heating various buildings of all sizes across six continents: homes, offices, greenhouses, factories, farms and countless others. In addition, we also install pellet burners to steam generators, dryers, evaporators and ovens which are mainly oriented at an industrial consumer.
  • Single-point ignition: pellets are ignited faster with minimal fumes requiring lower electrical power
  • A feeder auger ensures uniform fuel transportation into the burning chamber which results in an unvarying burning process
  • Air dispersal integrated into every Pelltech burner: appropriate primary and secondary air distribution for maximal burning efficiency
  • Intelligent power control designates a suitable output power according to heat consumption
  • Utilization of a hot burning chamber for absolute burning and reduced emmissions
  • A safety thermostat, which shuts down the burner in case of overheating
  • Periodic rotation of the internal auger during standby mode funnels even the last pellets to the burning chamber
  • Quickly-melting pellet hose halts the spread of fire into the pellet vessel
  • A back-up battery ensures the completion of the burning cycle in case of power grid failure
  • Notification system signals the user through either internet or a mobile device
  • Relevant information about current burner status and adjustable general settings are displayed through an LCD interface
  • Compatibility with oil boilers: Pellet burners are compatible with oil boilers by both mechanical mounting and electrical connections
  • Fuel amount control regulates the amount of fuel in the burning chamber automatically
  • Compact dimensions make opening of the boiler door relatively easy